About Us

Innovation, Operation, Productivity, Agility, Administration, Relationship; these are some of the fundations we are built on. At Eye Global Solutions, our driving force and huge source of motivation is Intelligence and Security. This is because organizations are loosing tons of information to competitors, losing huge millions of dollars and suffering reputational damage because they have not done enough to protect their assets (online and offline).

We are a market leader in ICT & Electronic Security Solutions for real-time crime detection in Nigeria. Using Intelligent Security Solutions backed by Advanced Forensic Video processing we design, deploy and maintain ICT and Electronic Security Systems for residential homes, small and large businesses.

Over the years Organizations and users have come to rely on our solutions to protect their investment, asset, property and life from on-line and off-line threats that are invisible to legacy security solutions.


Corporate Philosophy…

At Eye Global, we are driven by Results, Intelligence, Security and Knowledge; the key factors that separates us from the pack. Our quest to building long-term relationships with our customer and partners as a way of ensuring that needs are clearly identified & understood, and that solutions are provided exactly based on RISK profiling of the business and market landscape of the customer in a cost effective manner.

Our model of engagement is deeply embedded in seamless partnership with our clients towards developing and supporting unique solutions based on business needs that have been scrutinized, carefully researched and suited for each customer. This approach ensures that our clients will consistently benefit from our beliefs, our expert knowledge and our skills.

EGS was born out of the sheer desire to confront the unique security challenges of the terrain and exceed expectations in efficiency and excellence. Backed by almost 10 years of international experience, we are focused on building lasting relationship with our clients while utilizing advanced techniques to ensure that crimes are detected as it happens and perpetrators are persecuted to allow you focus on your core business knowing that we have our global eye covering your interest.

Our Process