CCTV and Surveillance

We deploy IP CCTV Security solutions with aim to revolutionize the way we protect our property and loved ones using Intelligent Surveillance Solution (ISS) and advanced video analysis in Intruder Detection System (IDS) as a service. We Design and Deploy IP Surveillance Solutions integrated with Intruder Detection System for active real-time monitoring and instant detection of unauthorized activities ensuring that security incidents are detected and prevented.

Our Solution is designed to be robust with high availability ensuring 24/7 surveillance across all critical areas of your interest. Using highly secure and reliable connections we remotely monitor your property to ensure crime is detected in real time and measures taken to prevent it.  Our control center is manned 24/7 to keep an eye on what is important to you.

All our services come with after deployment Support and Maintenance Guarantee which simply means you can rest easy knowing we are always there to ensure all solutions work as expected for the best results. Continued service and maintenance of the solutions with scheduled upgraders as new threats arise to ensure you always have the latest in security solution protecting your interest.